Implementing International Energy Management Standards

Integrating Energy Management practices into an underground metals mining operation leading to internationally recognized certification.

A global metals miner decided to re-activate the workings of an inactive open pit mine by extending the operations underground and constructing a new concentrator. The company decided to implement ISO 50001 in order to ensure Energy Management was sustainable at the facility.


The mining company had just completed the development of the underground mine and the construction of the concentrator and was in the full commissioning phase when the decision was made to go ahead with the implementation of ISO 50001. The initiative was led by the facility Energy Specialist and supported by a Senior Energy Management Consultant with a Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems designation. Prior to the introduction of the energy management practices required by the standard, an extensive Energy Management Information System was installed.

Approach and Solutions

The following steps led to the implementation of ISO 50001 requirements over an 11 month period:

  • A high-level implementation plan and budget were developed and approved by senior management. The plan and budget were used in a successful application for incentive funding from the federal government.
  • ISO 50001 Awareness training was provided to senior management.
  • A detailed Gap Analysis was completed which identified the actions that the organization needed to take in order to fulfill the requirements of the standard.
  • A detailed Work Plan including detailed task descriptions, responsibilities, and milestone dates was developed.
  • Significant Energy Uses, key personnel, and specific energy-related operational controls were identified.
  • Energy performance was evaluated and reported but many challenges remain.
  • An external group was contracted to develop a detailed Training and Communication Plan.
  • Internal energy awareness training and a communication campaign were initiated.


1. Energy Management practices were integrated with the mining operation’s business processes, operational management systems, and operating procedures.
2. Site personnel were engaged in sustainable Energy Management activities.
3. The energy management requirements of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining Energy/GHG Management Protocol were met like ditching diesel.
4. International certification in the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard was achieved