Gold Eagle Africa

Gold Eagle Africa is a company registered in Kenya working hand in hand with a group of mining communities in Congo, Tanzania, and Migori, Kenya. The company’s main responsibility is to make the sales of products by their workers, seek investment for its concessions, and to bring development projects to the communities like good schools, hospitals, roads, and others.

The company has committed itself to integrity and meet the needs and commitments of the miners. Gold Eagle protects the interest of its customers by taking into consideration all the procedures that protect both parties. A good picture of the issues concerning South Africa’s Gold Rush is painted in this BBC video:

Gold Eagle trades in Gold Dust, Gold Bar, and many other precious minerals. The company is able to supply whatever quantities its clientele of international buyers wish and to ship it to all final destinations across the world. The company welcomes buyers from all over the world to come over to Nairobi for inspection personal meetings.

The raw gold business is unlike any other gold business and Gold Eagle prides itself on delivering a personalized service where customers can talk to a real person, an expert. The company has helped over 200 customers over the last 6 years. Please contact Gold Eagle if you want to learn more about purchasing Gold Dust, Dore Bars, Gold Nuggets, Copper Cathodes, Co-tantalite, or Rough Diamonds.

Mining Sites

Gold Eagle Africa Ltd works hand in hand with the local communities in these mining sites in the DRC:

  1. North Kivu: Mangdredjipa, Mununze, Walikale.
  2. South Kivu: Three Kalene sites, as well as mining sites in Mushinga, Biraha, Kamitunga and Lugushwa, and a few sites near Fizi.
  3. Maniema: Bikenge, Saramabila, Kampene, Matumba, and Kamanyola.
  4. Orientale: Sites in the area around Panga, Iga-Barriere, and Mabanga.

Local miners in the eastern DRC have in no way been benefitting from considerable improvements in the wider economic or security context which has resulted in establishing peace in most of the mining areas, top-notch prices on the global gold markets, and restructuring government agencies (to some extent supported and organized by international parties), and better supervision, control, and enforcement of various laws around the mining areas. For details on South Africa Developments, check out this post.

While most local miners no longer have to fear homicidal militias, they now often are confronted with hordes of the most corrupt government functionaries, officials, law enforcement, or security workers who all charge the miners with illegal fees and taxes as well as straight bribes without rendering any meaningful or useful services in return. These situations are exacerbated by the widespread lack of knowledge of applicable laws.

The local mining communities in Maniema, Orientale, and the Kivus are totally obsessed by a historic and worldwide Gold rush, featuring all the typical and classic symptoms like chaotic migration, poor health and sanitary conditions, dangerous techniques and practices for mine excavation that result in frequent injuries and fatalities. There, of course, are the problems of increased criminal behavior and exploitation of the gold mining entire process and, like anywhere in the world, incalculable and invaluable environmental cost.

With an estimated 30 Million ounces of gold In Eastern DRC, mining communities should be thriving but instead, they are being torn apart by poverty, abuse, alcoholism, and violence, which are destroying community and family structures and leaving many people in a perpetual state of near-starvation. The company main responsibility is to seek investment through the sales of products by this mining communities and ensure developmental projects like good Schools, Hospitals and Roads is provided back to the communities. They additionally are investing in renewable energy projects.